The Sublime Ombre

Lovers, blending into each other

Fading into each other

Touching the sky, diving into an abyss

Etching each other’s memories with these moments

These moments

That are forever

But oh-so-fleeting! 

I don’t know when I wasn’t me anymore. 

I had lost myself somewhere 

In the abyss or the sky

I don’t know. 

But it doesn’t matter. 

For I was lost in your embrace. 

The summer hides deep within 

The winter

The icy chill engulfs

The refreshing breeze 

Trapping it

Choking it

Blindfolding it

There’s no way out. 

It’s a dead end. 

But who cares?

For we are lovers 

Blending into each other

Fading into each other

To the tune of the sublime ombre of love.