All my life, I’ve been pretty good at understanding other people’s perspectives. I had learnt to use my observation to connect people’s behaviours with their thought processes in my formative years (I had a lot of time, I wasn’t allowed to go outside and I was an observant child). Using this, I’ve predicted actions that have come true more than most of the time. Yes, I’ve observed that too.  🙂

The Book Addict

She caressed the pages of the book, like it was the skin of a long-lost lover. Her delicate fingers running through the lines on the pages, gingerly, as if the words will scramble and get sick with her touch if she’s not careful. A smile surfaced on her face when she was gazing fondly at the pages, reading a line or two, taking in the flavour of the story being told, making herself a part of it.

It was her favourite thing. Reading. It meant the world to her.o-WOMAN-READING-BOOK-facebook